The Singapore Government has responded to a request from Thailand’s Metropolitan Water Authority (MWA) for assistance with ensuring the quality of their water supply in Bangkok and its vicinity, which had been affected by the recent floods in Thailand.


PUB has delivered 50 units of online pH- and turbidity-sensors to the MWA to enhance the monitoring of water quality in the treatment process in Bangkok. In addition, the MWA has accepted PUB’s offer to provide training, in partnership with industry partners, to MWA staff on risk assessment and water safety plan formulation; as well as to provide laboratory services for testing of water samples from MWA. A four-member team from PUB had visited Bangkok earlier, from 10 to 12 November, to carry out an assessment of the assistance needed. PUB’s Chief Executive, Chew Men Leong, was in Bangkok on 26 November to meet with the MWA Governor, Charoen Passara, and oversee the implementation of the assistance initiatives.